Glass garage doors: the pros and cons

While garage doors were traditionally for keeping our garages and homes in
general safe, they are recently being viewed as a way to add the aesthetic
value of our homes. With this new functionality, many garage door trends
have been emerging in the recent past.

Glass garage doors are one of the emerging trends. They are considered
classy and elegant and many homeowners are considering this option for
their garage doors. If you are looking to install a new garage door for
your home, or perhaps you are in the process of building your own, there’s
no doubt that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to garage doors.

There are so many different styles and materials out there.
Should you consider glass garage doors? I hope this article helps you
answer that question.

The good…

Aesthetic value

As mentioned earlier, glass garage doors are classy. This property alone
adds to the aesthetic value of your home. They look good, even from far.
With glass garage doors, you can be sure that your home is ones of the most
stylish there are. If and when you consider to sell your home, the glass
garage doors will certainly add to the value of the whole house.

Natural light

The garage is often, one of the darkest places in your home. Glass garage
doors allow more natural light into your garage door. This means that you
will not have to spend too much money lighting up your garage. If you use
your garage as a working space as well, having glass garage doors could be
a bonus.

Low maintenance

garage door repairs made from materials such as steel are prone to rust. This is
not the case when it comes to glass garage doors. Glass does not rust and
will, therefore, be quite easy to maintain as compared to other materials.
They do not require constant lubrication. Some buff now and again is all
you will need to have them look as good as new.

The bad…


An important feature of garage doors is that they need to be properly
insulated. Glass garage doors are a bit energy inefficient. Just like
garage doors made from other materials, glass garage doors come insulated.
However, they are not as efficient as the others. This will take a toll on
your energy bills.


The biggest disadvantage of having glass garage doors is the inability to
provide you privacy. Anyone passing by your home can have a look at what’s
stored in your garage. With glass garage doors, you will be limited to a
minimum amount of valuable items you can store in your garage. If you
particularly live in an unsafe location, this could be an open invitation
to thieves.


You will certainly want to ensure your home is safe and secure. The garage
is an easy way people could access your home, and for this reason, garage
doors need to be sturdy enough to keep intruders away. Althouh there are
different types of glass, some of which are really strong, glass garage
door may not provide as much security as compared to other materials. They
can be quite easy to break into.You can, however, consider investing in
some really high-quality glass doors, but then again, with that comes added