There are certain things in life which are comforting; one such thing is the hammock. It does not matter if you are at the beach or a lake or in your backyard, you can stay relaxed in them. Today you can find different types of hammocks in the market, and most of us are not aware of the various kinds that are available.

The variations are based on the fabric types that provide varying levels of comfort and support. Some of these can stand alone on their own, but others need some support.

It looks challenging to find the right kind of hammock as there are so many options available. But it is not as difficult as it sounds once you figure out what kind of hammock you need.

Hammocks were used traditionally in many countries like India, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, etc. There are many styles which resemble the traditional ones used back in those days; the modern hammocks offer convenience and comfort.


The following are some of the types of Hammock:

Rope Hammock:

Rope hammocks are the most common types which you can find everywhere. The rope is knitted in the form of a net, and it is then lashed between two poles or trees. The rope that is used is made of polyester or cotton ropes and to prevent the user from falling off or flipping a lot; there is a spreader bar at either end which helps in keeping the shape flat.

Quilted Hammocks:

The quilted type is one of the most comfortable hammocks. It is made with two layers of fabric which are stuffed with some soft filling. Although these are very comfortable, you cannot use it outside very often as it is made up of cloth. You can use it indoors and relax. The quilted ones may be soft, but you need to keep in mind that it is not quite flexible. So if you are planning to buy a hammock to use them outdoors, it is advisable not to use quilted types as they are very light and not suitable outdoors.

Brazilian and Nicaraguan Hammocks:

These varieties have a great similarity with the Mayan hammock. They are made up of many fibers on a loom, as it has multiple strands; they are very strong and last for a longer time.   A particular kind of weaving is done to make these knitting extra strong and durable. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Poolside Hammocks:

If you love spending time at the pool, you should consider buying the poolside hammock. The material that is used to create the poolside hammock is made in such a way that it does not to allow water to stay on its surface. You can even use this type in other places. When you add a poolside hammock to your pool, the backyard looks so good.

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